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La Briscola is a well-known game across Italy, which, with its arrival on the internet, was immediately classified as a skill game, one of those games where the player's individual capacity counts, and where relying on pure and simple luck does not lead to any positive results.

For this reason, in order to get good results at the sloppy tables and be able to beat the other players, you should rely on your experience, trying to guess the moves of the opponents. In the live brisket are used many signs that serve players to communicate their teammates with their own cards, but of course this does not happen when playing online.
Basic rules of the briscola

To play Briscola, a bunch of Neapolitan cards is generally used, consisting of 40 cards, so there are no jokes, and the cards 8, 9 and 10 are virtually replaced by Fante, Horse and King. the Ace the card that is worth more, it is assigned the value of 11, while the 3 is worth 10, the King is worth 4, the Horse is worth 3, and the Equation is worth 2.

When a game starts, at the table sit 2 or 4 players, who generally go to form two teams; the dealer distributes to each player 3 covered cards, and puts in the middle of the table an uncovered card which is named after him; on this last card, the entire deck is placed with the remaining cards, from which, after each hand, it is drawn one by each player.

It starts with the player who is on the right of the dealer, he will be able to place one of the three cards in his possession, and the others will do the same; then the one who has placed the highest card will win the hand, unless there is someone who has placed a card belonging to the same seed of the whip, in this case he will win the hand. Obviously if two cards of the same seed of the biscuit are placed, they will win the one that is of the highest value.


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