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Burraco Online . All about Burraco:

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To play Burraco you need 2 franchise cards, including 4 cheerful cards and then 108 cards; both on the Internet and during live games, four players are face-to-face, forming two teams, each with a teammate in front of him.

At the beginning of the game you decide who must first pick, so all cards are scattered so that everyone can pick them randomly, the one who chooses the highest card gets the first one from the other. , receives the lowest card.

Let's see how cards are placed on the playing table. Create two 11-card slots, placed one above the other in the middle of the table, another 11 cards will compose each participant's hand, the seventh card will be placed next to the remaining players, forming a fraction while all the other form the mountain tops.
Playing in this game

The objective of the game is to allow a sequence of at least 3 cards of the same seed on a scale or at least 3 cards of the same value to remain without the cards in hand, collect the group from the two 11-card deck that are in the middle Make a valid combination of at least 7 cards and stay without the cards in your hand, rejecting the last one.

In turn, every player has the choice to draw a card from the fishing tackle or pick up all the scrap metal; Of course, the second option is only selected if one or more cards of special importance to the end of the sequence are in the scrap. Once the card is caught, the player must choose one of them and discard it at the end of the turn.

To create your own sequence of cards, you can also use jolly and 2; If Canasta, or a sequence created by at least 7 cards, has no cheerful interior, it is said that Canasta Pura, if instead composed of 8 cards, but contains one or more merry, is called Canasta Semipura, and Canasta of 7 The merry card is called Canasta Impura.
Calculation of the result in burraco

Now you have to try to figure out how the points are summed. Closing scores 100 points, 100 points for Canasta Impura, 150 points for Canasta Semipura and 200 points for Canasta Pura.

As for cards that do not make up for the caste: Jolly is worth 30 points, the second that can take the fun and is called Pinella, is worth 20 points, the ace is worth 15, and all the numbers are worth 10 points. points, including 10, 9 and 8; The remaining cards, 3 to 7, are worth 5 points.

If a team does not take bets, they automatically lose 100 points, and each card remains in the hands of the player, which results in subtracting the respective value from the total number of points earned.

The scoring that allows you to win a burraco game varies according to the rules of each table; There are tournaments that win in 505 points, semiturbo matches ending in 1005 points, standings from 2005 points, and in some games rooms are also offered long matches where victory is achieved by reaching 3005 points and marathon matches ending in 5005 points.

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