Can I choose slavery as a free man?

Dear readers,

I felt like writing something a little different today, something a little more serious. Being stuck in bed and not being able to do great things, I started to reflect on this subject: freedom and slavery. But this idea has not flashed in my mind from nothing, what has stimulated my mind in this regard were in particular a manga and a TV series in which they addressed exactly this topic, we also discussed it vaguely at school.

Having said that, my question is: a man who chooses slavery of his own will, can be considered free and at peace with justice or should he be forced to true freedom?

First, however, I would like to remind you that freedom is, among the various answers, the possibility of being who we want and of doing what we think is fairer, always respecting the freedom of others. Theoretically, if a person were a slave by choice, it would not hurt anyone, but why would anyone want to be? Imagine, a man has been shy from birth, he has never known freedom, his master feeds him, he exploits it, yes, like an animal, but in a certain sense he takes care of it. Now "free" this man from his master, give him a sum of money to get away from the early days and tell him that from now on he will be able to do what he wants, how do you think this man would react? I do not think he would be really enthusiastic about this news, he would probably kill you and then squander all the money in a short time, since he does not know the value of money, and then returns to another master.

How can a person be catapulted into a world totally different from his making her lead a life of which she knows nothing and requires that she be grateful for having freed him? Certainly a man who is born free and imprisoned, understands how horrible it is to "live" in slavery, because for him this is not even life, but maybe for someone else it is. For someone, life can simply mean the security of not suffering, have a hot dish every day and that's it, you do not want anything else, because you do not know anything else.

Perhaps in our West slavery is only a distant memory, but I believe that this reasoning can also be applied to other facts, for example, we Westerners who claim from above our history and culture to export rights and duties in countries in which there is still a need for a long journey towards the awareness of the freedom of the individual, or when we judge something different and wrong that we are not even aware of. With this I certainly do not want to justify slavery, no, in any way, I just want to reflect on the fact that there are realities completely different from ours, which overturn our ideals and inalienable principles and that, however, only for this, does not mean that they have to be completely overturned by us. Assuming that our principles are really right, I believe that there is still need of time, of knowledge, since reversing everything at any moment would only cause confusion and misunderstanding.

Tell me what you think, would you release this man? Would you educhere it? Or would you leave it to its fate without intruding? I would be curious to hear from you ^^

In the next article!

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