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That the four Italian casinos are not going through very well is now known, but to suffer more incisively the weight of the economic crisis, is the casino of Sanremo, where the number of visitors, as well as the overall collection, is inexorably dropped in the last few months. To run for cover, the Municipal Casino of Sanremo has begun a detailed plan that should be sufficient to revive the casino in a couple of years.

The most classic gambling industry, that is the one that takes place in land-based casinos, has been hit hard by the crisis, but since Casino di Sanremo is looking ahead, and through 3 well-developed phases, more than satisfactory results can be obtained.

The three phases are: recapitalization, transformation, and reorganization, but let's see what each of them consists of. The first, recapitalization, will take place through the conferment of Villa Mercede, Villa Agerer, and Corbellati warehouse. In doing so, the Casino of Sanremo will be able to get 8 of the 26 million euros initially budgeted to relaunch the gambling hall.

The transformation phase aims, as explained by Giuseppe Di Meco himself, to bring the casino, from a place of play to a place of entertainment. To this end, the services will be enhanced, in particular bars and restaurants, creating a single entrance to the casino and renovating the existing gaming rooms. A new surveillance service will also be installed to further ensure the safety of the players, but also of the casino itself.

The final phase would be reorganization, aiming at a different target, made up of younger players, but with particular attention to new customers, those coming from Eastern Europe and especially from China. For the relaunch of the Sanremo Casino, however, it will also be necessary to cut personnel, which will fall from a total of 311 over the current 339 employees to a total of 311.


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