Do you like pears?


The surprise reaction of a friend of mine when I confessed his distaste for pears made me reflect on the cause of this aversion. I quote below my reasoning.

To find and understand the motivations of this feeling it is necessary to analyze the pear itself, but to make the task easier it can be compared to another fruit, the apple, for example. Both are part of the family Rosaceae (information shamelessly taken from Wikipedia during the writing of the article), so they are quite similar to each other and, I do not know, I have always seen the pear in antithesis to the apple, so this comparison appeared to me spontaneous.

Who has ever heard of a pear in a story or a pear as a symbol of something important? No, I believe, on the contrary, apples are much more famous, just think of the apple of Eve or that of Snow White or the apple symbol of New York. Two fruits so close and yet having an abysmal difference as regards their fame …

Pears are actually missing apples.

The flowers of apple and pear are very similar to each other so when the fruit has not yet developed it is difficult to know which species it belongs to, then the pears, naively, live with the hope of being apples, but then they are born and they realize they are growing on a pear tree and not on an apple tree. Trauma. This failure really saddens them, so they drop their weight in the lower part of the body, as if they wanted to throw themselves to the ground in desperation, giving them the typical pear shape. This also explains why the pears ripen before the apples, who would ever want to live long knowing they are just a failure?

But we get to the juice of the speech: because I do not like pears. After what has been brought to light in the last paragraph, we can easily reach the sad conclusion that pears are a concentrate of broken dreams, wasted ambition and affliction. This is in strong contrast with my generally optimistic and lively personality, consequently there is a great friction between me and the pear that prevents any kind of relationship, like two repelling poles. Eat it can only lead to depression, I believe that for all those who are better to stay away from such a source of negativity.

And with this dispassionate advice I close my short article.

See you soon!

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