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Dear Readers,

A few strange ideas came to my mind a few days ago. I was thinking a little at The Sims, a bit at LoL Worlds and a bit at school … I noticed that in The Sims 4 of the usual skills I've added the video game and so why not make a gaming high school ? Moreover, there are schools to become chefs, writers, illustrators and even (for a few years) athletes. For now, the world of e-sports is little known, but if one day was a real job accessible to many more people?

Then the "pro gamer" would be like a chef, a clerk or a YouTube producer, basically for him a few years ago no one would ever have imagined that a passion as to making short videos could become a work at the reach of everyone. Right now, becoming a professional player can only be a dream come true, since it is a very risky and unstable career, but if time goes by, the chances of getting a foot in this world are probably more people than ever less to try.

But back to the initial discourse, each job needs its formation. Having yourself at home takes time and already has a basic skill, but having an instructor greatly facilitates the process and the right way. In this hypothetical high school you could, for example, do a total of hours of general e-sports and then choose in what particular game to specialize, as is the case with sports, you train, but then practice more than all their own sport, such as swimming, football etc. After a few years of preparation you would then get the "Gaming Diploma" and be ready to enter this world … But maybe I'm dreaming too much.

Please tell me if I'm just dreaming or whether someone else has come to this crazy idea and what would you think of this high school.



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