How to be a noob in RPGs in 10 easy moves.

Dear readers,

The fashion of being nabbi, noob, noobs or as you like to say, is more and more widespread in the world of video games, people probably buy even special packages to have this feature, but I created this completely free list to become quick and easy way (an expert tells you so!), try it!

  1. Do not make any connection between the numbers that appear near the attacks of your character and those on the keyboard, it is misleading and useless.
  2. In fights between teams first attacked your comrades, you never know, they could be spies!
  3. Every time you have to face a quest, put the guided path to solve it and follow it with the utmost precision, you certainly do not want to gamble to play reflecting.
  4. If you are in a group, immediately get into critical situations against the enemy and wait for others to help you, reinforce the team spirit.
  5. During a fight wandering around the enemy and not attached to him, but from other parts, so as to confuse him.
  6. In a combat between players, always cut the road to your companions so that they face the enemy more easily.
  7. Do not inquire about the types of attack of the various enemy bosses, you will ruin the surprise!
  8. Use attacks against which your enemies are immune, maybe they will work sooner or later, hope is the last to die, no?
  9. Throw away any objects that you are not using if you can not immediately unblock it, without even evaluating its rarity or wondering why it occupies only space.
  10. If you have few defensive points you are always on the front line, by being hit you will surely become stronger.

I hope these tips of mine have helped you ^^ tell me if the other players finally express their thanks to you by giving you the nabbo, and if they ask you how you do it to be so good, send them here!

In the next article!


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