Illustration: The myth of Gaia and Uranus

For this design I wanted to draw inspiration from the ancient Greek myth of Gaia and Uranus, in a few simple words Gaia is the goddess of the Earth, born from the chaos, which generates Uranus, the sky, that can keep her company. Then the Titans and all the other gods will be born from their union.

In the lower part I drew the earth goddess who is always seen as a woman with wide hips with small head and feet, often sitting on a throne. Since I have also portrayed her sitting I have unfortunately not managed to put much emphasis on her physical characteristics. The colors chosen are quite dictated by my taste rather than reasoned, in any case I tried to use as much dark colors as possible (to create greater contrast with Uranus) and colors that reminded the earth, such as brown and green.

In the upper half I have instead represented Uranus, for him I let myself be guided more by inspiration than by history. In fact, I laid it on a cloud with my hand extended towards Gaia as a sign of union. I used light colors (do not pay attention to his skin a bit 'too yellow xD) to symbolize the sky and all that divine, indeed very reminiscent of the classic Greek-Roman god.

I tried to bring out the difference between the darkness of the earth and the light of the sky above all, and since the two figures were very detached from each other (despite the extended hand) I added a colored stripe to the center, shaded from black to pale blue, so as to connect them.

I hope this post has interested you ^^ Tell me if I could portray this myth in my simple illustration and if you liked the explanation.

Thanks for reading ♡ see you soon!

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