League of Legends: game or drugs?

Hello everyone!

I'm sorry if I have not written for a long time, the reason you'll understand reading, but here I am back! I'm here to present you the review of … League of Legends! (To read with the right intonation, style "And the winner is … John Cena!"). A game or drugs, this we will decide later, which I tried a short time ago.

League of Legends is a videogame of the MOBA genre, where two teams fight in an arena, in which there are towers, places to hide and the jungles. Each player chooses his own champion, a character to play, and starts to destroy the opposing base.

But I think you already know these things very well ^^ So let's move on to the real review. I already knew a little about this game before starting to drug me … Um, play with it … sorry. In fact it is very popular, and I started because I had been advised by many. I was a little reluctant to try it, I thought that in the end it would not have been this great thing, that it was just a fashion since everyone plays and everyone says it's beautiful, and now I do not know whether to change my mind or not, honestly.

Let's start from the positive aspects of the game: the great possibility of choice, the action, continuous improvement, few bugs and ease of play. As for the choice, it is true, there are characters for all styles of combat (shooter, tank, murderer, magician etc.), of all possible aspects and with skills that often seem to resemble each other a bit ' , they are quite different for the final results, and then with all the items you can buy each skill takes a different shade depending on the style of combat and the basic skills of the champion. The games are very dynamic and require a maximum of concentration and coordination, even when you are dead you should not be too firm to wait, you must always check the map and take new items and devise new strategies. The continuous improvement is noticed after a while 'of course, but I assure you that there will always be some new skin or new samples or other news such as treasure chests, keys etc. In the course of the game I also met very few bugs and although at the beginning everything seemed complicated (perhaps due to a deficit of my xD) after a while my doubts were clarified and the game turned out to be easy to understand (a little 'less play). Of course, like all free games, it has a shop and shop means shopponi, however I must say that this does not determine an abysmal difference between those who buy and those who do not, referring to victories, since usually only the skins are bought to make a good impression.

Unfortunately, however, LoL also has negative aspects. Citing the very first I found, the slowness to download it, it took me almost 24 hours! Apart from this, although I have said that it is very varied as champions and attacks, it is not so for the game modes. I mean, in the end that is 5v5 or 3v3, with or without pore, against bots or people, the game always has the same purpose, in fact as I said before is a MOBA. According to my modest opinion, we could widen the game by adding some different modalities. Another small problem is the disturbance caused by the behavior of certain other players, ok that can be reported, but I always find them at least in a match of two.

But now we come to the real problem of this game … It does not have an end. This implies many things, first of all total dependence. This addiction is a positive factor, in the sense that the game is exciting and wants to play, but is it that I abuse it or is it a negative factor, ie is it really the game itself that is addictive? I would say that the answer remains obvious (in general for all video games), although I must say that for this game in many cases it is so, negative, and this makes me go up some doubt. Please tell me what effect it is, maybe we will do a survey.

See you soon!

[Info: per giocare a LoL -> http://euw.leagueoflegends.com/it dal server europeo.]


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