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The Lotto game in Italy continues to be one of the most successful games with prizes, and this is demonstrated by the data concerning the 2011 collection, which is clearly growing compared to the same period last year . This year the Lotto, above all thanks to the 10eLotto variant, totaled a 40.9% higher collection than a year ago, reaching € 2.8 billion

But this is not a widespread growth in other games, such as sports betting or skill games, which instead show a contraction, of 6.7% for bets, and 6.9% for games of skill. Even lower losses for Superenalotto and Win for Life, which lost 23.3% and for games based on horse racing, which fell by 17.7%.

Meanwhile, returning to talk about the Lotto, this weekend were given winnings for a total of 25.6 million euro, between the two sectors, the 10eLotto was more generous, giving 13 million euro, while the Traditional lot has stopped at just over 12.5 million.

In the Lotto game, the both dispensed winnings for 9.5 million, and the tune for over 2.4 million; among the wheels, the one of Bari was the most fortunate, given that it has won winnings for a total of 2.5 million.

In the 10eLotto were instead the winnings frequent to bestow most of the prizes, amounting to 11.5 million euro; meanwhile, the total winnings achieved in 2011 reached 1.9 billion euros, of which 1.1 billion with the classic Lotto and 764 million with the 10eLotto.


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