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I video poker Aams are very popular games both in online casinos and in bars, where they are practically made known by an audience of enthusiasts now vast. On the internet you can find the largest selection of video poker games, and if you register in one of the most popular secure online casinos, you will surely also have the opportunity to win the richest jackpots at stake.

But since video poker, unlike slot machines, are games in which not only fortune matters, but also the strategy that you decide to apply from time to time, we thought you might find it useful to find out what they are the 5 basic tips for winning video poker.

In the vast majority of online video poker games, the odds of receiving a winning hand are around 21%, in 79% of cases, the player's hand will consist of 5 non-combined cards. To have more chances to win, you have to be able to get winnings from as many of these hands as possible, and to do that you definitely need a bit of experience.
What are the 5 tips to win video poker

Here is a handful of very useful tips to understand how to behave in some situations that require more difficult choices, which as usual revolve around the same questions that the player ends up asking: "how many and which cards change?"; but let's see the cases one by one.

One of the most frequent cases is that in which we find ourselves with a couple in our hands, if this pair is accompanied by a high card, for example a figure, should we keep both the couple and the kicker? In reality, no, because in doing so, the player's payoff is reduced by about 5%, this move reduces the odds of making a set, and does not increase those to get even a full house.

If you have the opportunity to draw three cards to aim for a royal flush, avoid drawing four cards, because in this case as on other rare occasions, although it is very difficult to get the royal flush, the choice could pay off handsomely.

Another case in which you can agree to aim at the royal flush is when, although you have the color in your hand, there is the possibility of making a royal flush by changing a single card, but if the cards needed to get the royal flush they start to become already 2, it is better to keep the color.

It is not advisable to break a ladder, even if only one card is missing to make a color scale, if you could get a royal flush it would be different, because of the big payoff difference; in the same way you do not even want to break a color, to obtain a color scale.

The latter is one of the most common practice tips, it concerns a situation in which we often find ourselves playing video poker; if you have a jack in hand or something better, avoid drawing 5 new cards, because in doing so you are much more likely to make at least one high pair.

These are just 5 basic tips to be more likely to win at video poker, it's also about things you simply learn with experience, and if you want to learn more about video poker games, we might suggest you try playing to free online video poker, you would use virtual money to bet, you could try tricks and strategies without risking, plus having fun at no cost, and without time limits.


 GamesDaCasinò "title =" CASINO GAMES "width =" 497 "height =" 397 "class =" size-full wp-image-203 "/> 

<p class= Casino Games

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