VIDEOPOKER: Jacks or Better

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Among the games of video poker the Jacks or Better is undoubtedly among the most popular, and is also considered the most suitable for any novice player. The basic rules of the Jacks or Better are very easy to memorize, there are no wild cards, nor wild cards, and this simplifies the game.

But we want to make the game even easier, giving you some basic tips that will allow you to win more often. The initial hands in Jacks or Better video poker are in 21% of the winning cases, and in 79% of the losing cases; for this it is very important to work on that 79% to be able to achieve a greater number of winnings.

First of all, if you are going to play Jacks or Better video poker, we suggest you to choose only those that pay 9 coins for a full and 6 coins for a color, but above all, if you do not have enough experience yet, avoid video poker to which you must necessarily make high bets, but prefer those with low bets.

Regarding the choices to make when it comes to changing one or more cards of the initial hand, it is important to remember that you should never break a color to make a ladder, while in case there is the possibility to complete a royal flush, given the enormous winnings that this would guarantee you, it is always worth trying the "hit".

Another suggestion to be taken in playing Jacks or Better video poker is to never hold extra cards with pairs, because in this way you will reduce the gain by about 5%. And if you are playing a progressive jackpot video poker game, always bet the maximum value of the token, because only then, realizing the royal flush, you can put the prize pool in your pocket.

If you do not know what to do, how many and what cards to change, do not be in a hurry, but take all the time you need; It is one of the advantages of playing from home, because there is no one waiting for his turn, and there are no time limits to the game session.

If you've never played online video poker before, we also recommend that you do not start with real money video poker right away, but try out free video poker at first, to which you only bet worthless, non-real money; you can then go to the game for real money at any time, with just a few clicks.


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